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Predavanje „Motion analysis in motor...

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"Motion analysis in motor field"

koje će održati dr. sc. Rodolfo Vastola sa Sveučilišta Salerno, Italija.

Predavanje će se održati u utorak, 12. srpnja 2016. godine u 12 sati u dvorani D-160. Posebno pozivamo studente preddiplomskog, diplomskog i poslijediplomskog studija. U nastavku slijedi kratak sažetak predavanja i životopis predavača.

Abstract: The study and analysis of the factors that determine athletic performance is a key element in the development of a specific discipline. It is necessary for a scientific and systematic development over time of the qualities of an athlete, to know conditional, coordinative and technical-cognitive aspects that are representative of the considered sport. The knowledge of such models allows the realization of a planning suitable for discipline, in relation to sensitive phases of the athlet’s different development capacities. The definition of contents allows the construction of an appropriate planning, meaning with this term "systematization of training process contents in accordance with the final objectives of the athlete preparation and [systematization] of the specific principles that determine the rational forms of organization of training loads in concrete time limits ". This process must presume the knowledge of the most significant athlete's and competition activity’s functional characteristics for a given sport or sports discipline. Multifactorial Integrated Systems of motion analysis allow to obtain quantitative informations related to the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the motion as compared to eligible biomechanical prototypes and thus they allow to provide an important support to the definition of the sports disciplines performance models.


Rodolfo Vastola was born in Napoli, Italy, on 25 November 1975. He is assistant professor in Methods and Didactics of Sport Activities at the University of Salerno (Italy) since October 2015. He is lecturer of the Module: Techniques and Evaluation of Sport in the Master’s Degree in Sport Science and Techniques in Analysis and Design of Sports for the Disabled. In April 2013 he received his PhD degree in Sport Research Methodology at the University of Salerno. In 2011 he took part in the Master in Motion Analysis at BTS.Spa in Milan. His research interests focus on Sports and Motor Performance Analysis using Movement Analysis Multifactorial Integrated systems. Since 2015, he is in charge of the national canoe polo teams for the Italian canoe kayak federation.

Autor: Mario Cifrek
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