Transformacija robota u edukacijsko sredstvo

Transformacija robota u edukacijsko sredstvo

O projektu

Robots are increasingly used in schools as an educational tool. They are attractive to the children born with digital technologies. However, many questions are still open: absence of well-defined curriculum and teaching materials; understanding the role of teachers in the classroom (would robot replace the teacher or a robot has a passive role); improvement of the robot and its behavior to the learner’s age, gender, and background knowledge; and do the robots help in teaching at all.

This project will try to answer these open questions through the design of teaching materials for teaching robotics, informatics and other elementary school subjects using the educational robots. Methodology for determining the individual learning strategy of each pupil will be developed using the methods of signal processing, learning analytics and data mining. The numerical data will be collected from the logs of the robots and from their computer software. Furthermore, the methodology for the evaluation of the use of the educational robots in teaching based on the reached level of knowledge and learners’ satisfaction during the learning process will be developed. Finally, a prototype of a system that includes the improved educational robots and the individual learning strategies of pupils will be proposed. The aim of the prototype is to achieve the maximum of the knowledge through a satisfying learning process.

Researchers gathered in the research group have experience in designing, programming and using educational robots, in developing research methodologies, in field work with pupils, and in data mining and data science methods.

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doc. dr. sc. Ana Sović Kržić

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docent, Zavod za elektroničke sustave i obradbu informacija


doc. dr. sc. Kristina Cergol Kovačević

docent, Učiteljski fakultet

Liljana Puškar, mag. ing.

asistent, Zavod za elektroničke sustave i obradbu informacija



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