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Smart sensing in the Internet of Lighting

u srijedu 26. listopada, od 13 do 14 sati, u dvorani D-160.

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Short biography

Vana Jeličić has been working for Zumtobel Group in Austria as a Technology Expert since November 2015. Her main tasks are scouting and assessing smart sensor technologies for connected lighting systems and ambient intelligence in general.

She received her Master (Dipl.-Ing.) and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb, in 2009 and 2014, respectively. From 2009 to 2015 she was a researcher in the Laboratory for Intelligent Sensor Systems (LISS), at the Department of Electronic Systems and Signal Processing, FER. From 2010 to 2012 she was a visiting researcher at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her main research activities have been focused on power management in wireless sensor networks with high-consuming sensors.

Vana Jeličić co-authored 6 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and 12 papers at international conferences and workshops.


Presentation summary

Lighting industry is in the center of a new revolution, related to the trend of ubiquitous connectivity of all devices (i.e., Internet of Things). Lighting systems are recognized as a promising candidate for the Internet of Things backbone, integrating the sensors and communication modules. Collecting data from a dense network of smart sensors will enable providing information and services beyond lighting, such as about building utilization, or about people comfort and wellbeing.

Zumtobel Group, one of the biggest European companies for professional lighting components and systems, is moving quickly in the direction of smart connected lighting – Internet of Lighting. In this presentation, the activities of Zumtobel Group within the Internet of Lighting will be presented, both on the development level, as well as on the research and pre-development level.


Autor: Vedran Bilas
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